Tuesday May 19 2015
Sacchi: ‘Many problems for Inzaghi’

Former Milan Coach Arrigo Sacchi says current tactician Filippo Inzaghi has had ‘many problems’, and clarifies Inter comments.

The Rossoneri are 11th in Serie A following the weekend’s 3-2 defeat to Sassuolo, and are closer to the bottom of the table than the top.

“Inzaghi? This year there were a lot of problems,” Sacchi told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“There’s never a single cause when things don’t go well. They need top players. In my day the club had something more, they need to catch Juventus.”

Sacchi also responded to criticism he has received after comments about Inter’s treble-winning side of 2010.

“I never said it was shameful for Inter, I have a lot of respect for those players, those men and that club, but Italian football didn’t get much benefit from that victory.

“I’m very attentive to history, which shows that an invasion of foreigners has been disastrous for our game.

“When I was technical director at Real Madrid, we had the most famous players in the world and were criticised for not playing the Spaniards from the youth team.

“Here nobody cares, but then we complain if the national team is not good. I’m not against Inter, but rather the idea of having too many foreigners.

“I’m certainly not a racist, but I’ve noticed that even xenophilous nations such as France and Spain have reduced the number of foreigners coming in, while we’re only growing in that regard.

“The last two World Cups were disasters, and if things go badly for Italy [the national team], then it’s bad for the country.

“I mention this because I love Italian football.

“An Italian club which reached a Champions League final, but was full of foreigners was a shame for Italian football, not for Inter.

“The biggest teams, like my Milan, have always had a foundation of Italian players.”