Wednesday June 10 2015
Ferrero: ‘Mihajlovic ill-feeling’

President Massimo Ferrero admits there is still ‘bad feeling’ over Sinisa Mihajlovic’s departure from Sampdoria.

The Serbian Coach left the Blucerchiati at the end on the season, and is expected to be confirmed as Milan Coach in the next few days.

“There is still bad feeling over Mihajlovic’s departure,” the patron confessed, in an interview with Radio Due.

“But football is like theatre, a tour doesn’t last a lifetime. I wanted to put a great project in place with him, we had a great feeling but he decided to go elsewhere.”

Ferrero was also asked for his opinions on his fellow Serie A Presidents, making a joke about Juventus’ Andrea Agnelli.

“Meeting them doesn’t phase me. They’re like us, they’re just ‘son of’ as my son will be, in the sense that their fathers left them something.

“Angelli is a very good person, and a good President. I once jokingly told him that we have something in common: his father built [FIAT] buses, my father drove them!”