Tuesday November 10 2015
Zlatan: ‘My body is like a car'

MLS ‘appeals’ to Paris Saint-Germain’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and age is no obstacle: “My body is a car: The more you drive it, the better it works.”

The former Milan striker has been linked with a move to the USA and appears interested in the possibility, but underlined that ‘there has to be a serious project.’

“Everything outside of the world of football interests me more than in the past,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Before, I received proposals and rejected them without thinking and soon there will be other new projects.

“But for now the ball is still the most important thing – I make my choices as a footballer.

“MLS? Everything appeals to me. But there has to be a serious project on the other side. I have my ideas, I know what I want but it takes two.

“Anything could happen. I feel good and I’m playing well. Then in a month or six, who knows.

“For now I’m in good shape, and as long as I feel I can give something on the pitch I will continue to play.

“My body is like a car: The more you drive it, the better it works. My age isn’t telling me to stop.”