Tuesday November 10 2015
Luiz Adriano: ‘Butterflies with Milan’

Luiz Adriano says he had ‘butterflies in the stomach to wear Milan’s shirt’ and that their goal is ‘to fight for the title.’

The Brazilian striker arrived from Shakhtar Donetsk in the summer but underlined that he doesn’t feel under pressure due to the club’s rich history of successful Brazilians.

“There is no burden there. I have been made to feel really comfortable and have received a great welcome," he said to

"I don't think they want me to become a Kaka or Alexandre Pato. They want me to be Luiz Adriano.

"It was like a film was playing in my head (joining Milan).

"I had several goals for my career, the idea of leaving Shakhtar... And I thought this would be a new challenge and that I wanted to enter into Milan's history.

"I want to give my best here and win many titles with Milan. I got really happy when I heard that I was coming to Milan, which is one of the biggest teams in Europe. My family was also very pleased with me coming to Milan.

"It was hugely exciting for me to wear Milan's shirt and come to practice at their training ground. It was really exciting to me. During the first game, I felt anxiety, a desire to play, butterflies in the stomach to wear Milan's shirt. I was anxious to enter the pitch to feel the fans more closely.

"The goal is to return to the Champions League and fight for the title.

“Milan are a giant in the football world, so they always have this goal. I believe that Milan had a good transfer campaign because we also have excellent midfielders. I think that the team is well structured."