Wednesday December 9 2015
Del Piero: ‘Pogba atypical no.10’

Alessandro Del Piero says Paul Pogba is an ‘atypical Juventus number 10’ because he isn’t ‘a complete player.’

The former Bianconeri great spoke to Sky Sport Italia’s ‘Football Night’ programme about the Champions League, the upcoming clash with Fiorentina and his memorable goal against La Viola in 1994.

“When we think of the Juventus number 10 we imagine a complete player,” he said.

“But today Pogba isn’t yet, he’s an atypical number 10. You have to give him a bit of time to grow even more.

“I don’t know if Juventus will return to the Champions League final.

“It must be said that at the moment Bayern and Barcelona are unreachable, but who knows if they have a small decline.

“My goal against Fiorentina? It definitely changed my season and that of Juventus. The fact that we managed to recover two goals and then win the game, we pretty much turned it on its head, giving us the knowledge that we could win against anyone.

“Everything I did that year came out of that victory. The goal? Pure instinct.

 “I don’t think the Juventus support has forgotten Paulo Sousa, he will definitely get a great reception.”