Friday February 5 2016
Lotito: ‘Lazio have black players…’

President Claudio Lotito says Lazio fans aren’t racist, as “black lads play for Lazio too”.

The Biancocelesti were fined €50,000 and handed a two-match partial stadium closure yesterday, after racist chanting from fans in the 2-0 defeat to Napoli.

“When you make assessments, you should take into account what the club has done in recent years,” Lotito told La Repubblica.

“The media? They’re always against me, yet they side with those fans [a reference to the Ultras’ boycott in protest at segregation].

“They say they’ve eliminated violence, yet we got two games [closure]. Now what will they attack with?

“But it’s not racism, black lads play for Lazio too.”

Today's Corriere dello Sport reports that Lazio could open the Curva Sud for their next two home games, with the Curva Nord closed.