Tuesday March 1 2016
Savicevic: ‘Miha done his best’

Former Milan star Dejan Savicevic defends Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic: ‘He’s done his best with what he’s got’.

The Montenegrin, who spent six years with the Rossoneri between 1992 and 1998, believes that the difference is in the quality of Miha’s squad compared to the top teams.

“Miihajlovic has done his best because he doesn’t have the same players available as Juventus and Napoli,” Savicevic said to Corriere dello Sport.

“Allegri has many champions, Sarri has three or four who can make the difference. How many does Sinisa have? A couple…maybe.

“Difference between my Milan and the current one? That Milan spent so much in the market and bought the best, while now there are other clubs that have more money or that have invested more.

“The gap must be bridged through hard work and insight for the youngsters.”