Tuesday March 1 2016
‘Why did Milan sign Balo?’

Former Milan forward Dejan Savicevic 'doesn't understand' the 'reckless gamble' of signing Mario Balotelli.

The Rossoneri striker joined on loan from Liverpool last summer but has struggled for fitness and only scored one Serie A goal in 12 appearances.

Savicevic, who starred for Milan from 1992 to 1998, questioned the wisdom of bringing in the controversial Italy international at all.

“I honestly don’t understand why Milan decided to sign Balotelli last summer - It was a choice by the directors that I struggle to understand,” he said to Corriere dello Sport.

“I don’t mean that Balotelli isn’t a great striker, but that everyone knows what kind of a guy he is.

“The directors thought they could change him? I would’ve expected that a cautious club like Milan wouldn’t gamble that is so reckless and hard to win.”