Thursday March 17 2016
‘Everything contagious at Milan’

‘Everything is contagious’ at Milan according to Demetrio Albertini, who advises that ‘the transfer market isn’t the only way to build a team’.

The former Rossoneri midfielder gave his thoughts on an indifferent season for the Rossoneri after hopes had been high following a summer of big spending.

“I can say one thing that seems to illustrate this moment in time for Milan: everything is contagious, confusion generates confusion,” Albertini told Tuttosport.

“When Berlusconi came into football he brought a new philosophy, energy and clarity about what he wanted Milan to be – to become the greatest club in the world.

“Now there isn’t that clarity. At the start of the season I saw Milan as a work in progress that was laying the foundation for the future, I liked the planning I’d seen from the summer investments.

“I think, now we’re in March, there should be more certainties, more milestones to follow for next season. There are evaluations to make with balance to build the future.

“Berlusconi wanted to win before, but not just the game next Sunday. You could lose, but the plan was to become the greatest in the world over time.

“Today that maybe shouldn’t be the objective, but also we shouldn’t celebrate after two wins or throw everything up in the air after two defeats.

“I don’t think here we need to talk about Mihajlovic yes or no, who to put in his place. The discussion goes beyond the Coach. The discussion is what is the project? There aren’t any certainties on or off the pitch.

“We need to discuss this well and understand that the transfer market isn’t the only way to build a team, but a component to reach that objective. Not even Real Madrid win just with big signings.”