Thursday March 17 2016
Abbiati: ‘My best ever save’

Milan goalkeeper Christian Abbiati reflects on his best save: “Against Inter in the Champions League, I remember it fondly.”

The goalkeeper was asked some questions at an event for Fujitsu in Milan today, including what he regarded as the best save of his long career.

“During the Milan Derby in the Champions League that took us to final we won against Juve,” he told Milan News.

“I remember it fondly. I’ve been here at Milan since 1998, I’ve been tied to these colours for years.”

Abbiati was called off the bench to replace the injured Gianluigi Donnarumma against Chievo recently but assures he wasn’t fazed.

“It isn’t easy to come on cold but I’m always ready, when you train at your best you can give your contribution to the team,” he said.