Monday March 21 2016
‘Coppa final can’t be moved’

Lega Serie A President Maurizio Beretta says it’s “difficult, if not impossible” to move the Coppa Italia Final.

Italy CT Antonio Conte wants the showpiece between Milan and Juventus to be moved forward, in order to allow him more time to prepare for Euro 2016.

FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio confirmed earlier today that the game is unlikely to be from May 21, and the Lega chief echoed that view.

“As the President explained, we had a long and fruitful discussion here this morning,” Beretta told assembled media.

“Any type of move is technically difficult, if not impossible considering the side-effects it would have on the calendar.

“He knows that himself, because we spoke a little just now and I think he’s aware of the situation, that room for manoeuvre is nonexistent.

“With respect for the very polite letter sent by Mr Tavecchio, from the beginning we’ve complied with the general rules around the world.

“Our dates are in line with other Federations, so I think we’ve done at least what the other leagues do with their federations.

“Some are in line with our Coppa Final, or there are even cases such as Belgium where they’re having play-offs a few days later, so we’re doing better than them.”

Beretta was also asked where the next Supercoppa Italiana will be played.

“We haven’t had an opportunity to discuss that issue, we’ll address it in the coming weeks.”