Tuesday April 19 2016
Abbiati: ‘I’d like another year’

Christian Abbiati says ‘I owe everything to Milan’ and ‘I’d like to do a final year here, but we’ll see’.

The veteran goalkeeper’s contract is set to expire in June and at the age of 38, his time with the Rossoneri could be up.

In an interview for ‘Saranno Famosi’, Abbiati reflected on the start of his journey as a professional footballer.

“At the age of 16 I was a baker, helping the family,” he recalled.

“I divided the day between work and training. I went to work for a friend. I paid my dues and then found myself in this beautiful environment.

“I started work at 6.30am then at 12.30 I went to training in Monza. I’m happy with the sacrifices that I’ve made. They paid off.

“You need to have goals in life, but only with sacrifice, respect and education can you reach them.

“It’s difficult for me not to get along with someone and if it’s not like this then it’s because they’ve done something to me.

“After 20 years of Milan they are my second family. I owe everything to them. I’d like to do a final year here but we’ll see.”