Monday April 25 2016
Brocchi: ‘I take responsibility’

Cristian Brocchi takes the blame for Milan’s defeat to Verona - “I represent this team and I take responsibility.”

The Rossoneri were humiliated by Serie A’s bottom side, losing 2-1 to the Butei despite having taken a 1-0 lead. Click here for a full match report.

“Right now I represent this team and I take responsibility,” Brocchi said in his post-match interview with Premium Sport.

“The team played poorly, we didn’t play the way we wanted to and we didn’t want this defeat.

“It’s like the light went off and after that we were in trouble so we have to work on that, being united through difficulty. We couldn’t take control of the game and be a team.

“I’ve spoken to [joint-CEO Adriano] Galliani and there’s disappointment, but now we have to take the hit, get our heads up, and get out of this situation.

“We were disunited and we didn’t double our effort. We managed to create some goalscoring chances, but to win the team must be one unit, and right now we’re not.

“The team was disunited and that gave our opponents a psychological boost. In difficulty you have to remain united, and that’s our limitation right now.

“There are so many things which we need to fix at the tactical level, but also on a mental level so we can ensure we never flip that switch.

“We have to be united in difficulty.”

Keisuke Honda played behind the strikers, and Brocchi praised the Japanese international.

“He was really positive, showing desire and quality. Unfortunately, he wasn’t always joined in that by his teammates, but I’m happy with him, he never gave up.

“I take full responsibility for this situation at Milan, and we’ll come out of it with a group that is all united.”