Wednesday May 4 2016
Milan Ultras: ‘Sack Galliani!’

Milan’s Ultras have released a statement demanding Adriano Galliani be sacked or the club be sold.

The joint-CEO has come under severe criticism from shareholders and fans after three consecutive seasons without Champions League football.

Having drawn with Frosinone at the weekend, the Rossoneri now miss losing out on Europe altogether, as they currently lie seventh, behind Sassuolo.

If Cristian Brocchi’s side win the Coppa Italia they will take the final Europa League spot, but if they lose to Juventus then sixth in Serie A will enter the competition.

“Wednesday July 27, Soldier Field Chicago, Bayern Munich-Milan,” a statement from the Curva Sud Ultras begins.

“A normal friendly, a game like so many played over the summer, with a lot of tickets already on sale. But then…

“Looking at the schedule for the Europa League, coming sixth in the Italian League, the place that we are ‘chasing’ would mean being involved in a preliminary round on that very date.

“Is this a gross error on the part of a club in disarray? Or can we assume the club has already decided to lose sixth, to go on tour in the USA?

“To us it seems clear that the second option is widely supported by the ridiculous results against teams lower than us in both squad and prestige.

“If the possibility of termination linked to the preliminary rounds does exist, there would be more revenue gained from playing a trophy for sponsors than playing against low-calibre teams in the Europa League.

“Our only lifeline is the final of the Coppa Italia, we’ve arrived in the final after many years, but the final was only the minimum goal given the path we had.

“The plan is to get to the Europa League only through the Coppa Italia, and if not renounce European competition for another year to make room for profitable but useless summer trophies.

“This is about the worst thing that can happen in football and in the history of Milan, as well as being a blatant mockery of the fans, because lets not forget that even people who attend a dirty theatre pay for a ticket.

“Let’s leave out the celebrations at the stadium on Sunday for a draw [with Frosinone] that was just a red herring.

“The stadium is now filled only by children and football schools, who don’t pay and serve only to allow the club to fill the empty seats that years of mismanagement have created.

“Children are being used to hide their dirty business, children who, in their innocence, went crazy for goals which were a farce in reality.

“Once again the losers are those who have Milan in their heart and soul, ruined by this leadership and their nonsense.

“A leadership which is hiding behind repressive laws which don’t allow any form of protest, or contact with the players, coaches or other fans.

“The laws don’t allow any protest banners, on pain of more legal action. That’s what the stadium has become and we’re being gagged. That’s why we continue to fight on the fronts we can still fight on.

“They are ridiculing the name and the history of Milan, we can’t put up with this rubbish anymore.

“It’s not just limited to the Curva though, every Milan fan has now understood what they’re doing, and this is just the latest in a series of events which have opened the eyes of even the last bastions of those defending the indefensible.

“Get rid of Galliani or sell Milan!”