Monday July 18 2016
Montella: ‘Lapadula suits me’

Milan Coach Vincenzo Montella believes Gianluca Lapadula “suits my style of play” at least “on paper”.

The Rossoneri are in the midst of takeover talks, and so far have only added the former Pescara striker and Leonel Vangioni in the transfer window.

However, the new Coach is pleased with the addition of last season’s Serie B top-scorer.

“On paper he definitely suits my style of play,” Montella explained to Milan TV.

“He’s proven to have great talent and desire, even in a different division. Of course it’ll be a big leap for him.

“I think he has the personality to stay at this level, though I haven’t seen him with his boots on yet.”

The style of play to which Montella refers is based heavily on possession, and L’Aeroplanino believes his system will reap rewards.

“Every Coach thinks that his method is the best. Every Sunday we play with a ball, and while it’s also necessary to run it has to be as function of what happens on the pitch.

“In my opinion it’s essential that there is always the ball. The important thing is to measure our workrate, but we have the personnel and the structure to do that.

“The lads are available and keen to learn. They’re very good in their approach to training and they’re great professionals. With consistency and time we’ll show those characteristics.

“I think that the past few seasons are evidence that we can do more. I think the players need to take on a lot of responsibility and be aware of what this shirt means.

“It can’t always be the fault of the Coaches, so they can probably do something more.

“The fans are used to winning, in recent years there’s been a bit less of that but that might be part of the cycle.

“Of course we’ll try to leave a good impression in pre-season, but it’ll be difficult because we’re still incomplete. It’s down to us.”