Thursday August 11 2016
Berlusconi: ‘Milan sold for love’

Milan President Silvio Berlusconi says he’s selling the club to a Chinese consortium as “an act of love”.

Sino-Europe Sports has signed a preliminary deal to acquire the majority stake in the club from Fininvest, the holding company which Berlusconi founded.

The deal is expected to be completed in November, but the patron has commented on the transaction today.

“To all Milan fans,” a post on Berlusconi’s Facebook stage begins.

“Thirty years ago I bought Milan as an act of love. I’m selling for an act of even greater love: I’m entrusting the team to a group which has the necessary resources and the will to invest to bring Milan back to competing with the big international clubs.

“Naturally I’m moved and saddened, but also calm in my belief that I have once again acted for the good of Milan, and I’ll continue to be their most ardent fan.

“These 30 years will remain in my heart, with great memories which can’t be equalled. I was privileged to lead the team I love until it became the most successful club in the world.

“Memories and thanks go to the great players, Coaches and directors who have succeeded here, many of them will go down in football legend, having helped to write extraordinary victories in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

“Above all though, I’ll never forget the participation and the affection of the fans: the passion of millions of people for the Rossoneri colours was instrumental in making this special team unlike any other, stronger than any other, stronger than injustice, stronger than bad luck.

“I’ll be in the stands with them to cheer, and perhaps to suffer, but I’m sure we’ll soon be celebrating great new Milan successes together, honouring our great tradition.

“A big hug - and a Rossonero one - to each of you.”