Tuesday September 13 2016
Vazquez: ‘Juventus can aim for CL’

Sevilla’s Franco Vazquez believes Juventus are among the Champions League contenders, and Gonzalo Higuain is “the best number 9 in the world”.

The former Palermo playmaker will face the Bianconeri with his new side tomorrow, as the group stage of the competition gets underway.

“It’s early to say if they’re favourites to win the Champions League,” Vazquez told Gazzetta dello Sport when asked about Juve.

“They definitely did their transfer campaign with that goal though, and they’ll want to start strongly to send a signal to their opponents.

“I see them fighting to get to Cardiff with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. Bayern Munich? Of course, I forgot them.

“The €90m for Higuain? It’s right, he’s the best number 9 in the world.

“Better than Luis Suarez? I don’t know, they’re different. What they have in common is that they score so much. And those who score are expensive.

“Does Higuain have to prove himself in Europe? Yes, that could be the case. And maybe that’s why he left Napoli to go to a team which is pushing hard for the Champions League.

“Let’s say the same goes for Juve: they both need European consecration.”

The Napoli fans weren’t exactly happy with Pipita’s decision…

“They’ll never forgive it, it’s like going from Boca to River in Argentina. It has happened and it’s happening but it’ll never be forgiven.

”Vazquez was also asked whether any other side can compete with the Old Lady in Serie A.

“Juve have a huge advantage over the others,” he admitted.

“I like Roma and Napoli, they’re two teams that can cause problems but the gap to the Bianconeri is too big. Inter have made a lot of changes, they’re a great team who should always be fighting for the League title, but it’s complicated.

“Milan seem worse. I hope they can return to their rightful level, they’re a historic club and it’s a shame to see them like this.

“Their return to the top in Serie A would be good, it’s a bit boring like this.”