Friday September 23 2016
Berlusconi: ‘Crazy to turn back’

Milan Vice-president Paolo Berlusconi insists there is no problem with a Chinese consortium’s ongoing takeover of the club.

Outgoing owner Silvio Berlusconi agreed to sell the Rossoneri to the Sino-Europe Sports group last month, with a €100m deposit having since been paid by the buyers.

However, reports on Friday claimed that the takeover had been cast into doubt by a false bank guarantee.

“Even in his decision to sell up, my brother wanted to give Milan a final gift,” Paolo Berlusconi said to Milan TV.

“One which protected the value of the Milan brand and obliged the buyers to put €300-400m into the club over the coming years.

“It guarantees the potential for Milan to be very competitive again in order to return to the glories of the past.

“Never say never, but a group which pays a €100m deposit is a group that is seriously interested. They would have to be crazy to turn back.

“My information is that, regardless of the gossip in the papers, things are moving forward.”