Tuesday September 27 2016
Berlusconi: ‘My Milan regret’

Silvio Berlusconi says his “one regret” is “not being able to work on Milan as I wanted” in recent years.

The Rossoneri President is in the process of selling the club to a Chinese consortium, and admits he hasn’t been able to focus on the Diavolo in recent years.

“I have one regret, not being able to work on Milan as I wanted,” Berlusconi told Chi.

“If in recent years Milan hasn’t been as before, it’s only because I didn’t have more time to handle it personally.

“For years I’ve been working at least three afternoons per week with my lawyers to prepare for the 3600 hearings for the 73 political trials I had to suffer.

“I’m still the President of the club which has won the most in the history of football.”