Wednesday January 11 2017
Immobile: ‘Lazio aiming for CL’

Lazio striker Ciro Immobile targets a Champions League place - “we’ll fight to get there at all costs”.

The Biancocelesti are currently just a point away from the third and final Champions League place, with the striker scoring 10 goals in Serie A so far.

“I wouldn’t dare say that we’ll definitely get to the Champions League,” Immobile cautioned in a Press conference.

“We’ll fight to get there at all costs though. Now we’re fourth, we’ll try to improve and not deteriorate. There are teams around us which are built and equipped for the Champions League, so we know it won’t be easy.

“The goal is to at least reach the Europa League, if we can do better than we’re ready to take it on the pitch.

“It’s an open League, there are no teams which have pulled away, even Juventus are only seven points clear. The fight for the Europa League and Champions League is exciting.”

Does Immobile expect to reach 20 goals by the end of the season?

“I’m working toward than, and to achieving the maximum in this shirt. I’ll work to do as well as I did in the first half of the season, or rather I know my team-mates will put me in a position to score. I have to continue like this.

“I’m happy, but I have to do more, [before Crotone] I hadn’t scored for a few games. I’m self-critical, so I aim to do more.

“How long will I stay for? I can’t predict what will happen six years in the future, but I still have four-and-a-half years on my contract.

“I’m happy, I’m at a big club and I don’t know why I would think of anything else.”