Wednesday January 11 2017
Lippi: ‘World Cup changes understandable’

Marcello Lippi believes “the old setup was perfect” for the World Cup but “there’s a new world which is advancing”.

It was confirmed yesterday by FIFA that the tournament will be expanded to 48 teams for the 2026 edition, a decision which sparked controversy for many players, Coaches and pundits.

“There’s a new world which is advancing,” Lippi, a World Cup-winner in 2006 and now in charge of China, told ANSA.

“For me the old setup was perfect, but I understand that there are new nations which are advancing and knocking on the door of the World Cup.

“It’s good that the finalists will still play seven games.

“In China they dream of the World Cup, there’s huge passion. But there’s huge growth to be made.”