Tuesday February 21 2017
Rodriguez agent: ‘No call in two months’

Gonzalo Rodriguez’s agent admits he hasn’t heard from Fiorentina for two months, so “I’m listening to all the clubs that want him.”

The Viola captain is set to leave at the end of the season, with it being revealed today that he’s been offered a 25 per cent salary cut.

“Right now there’s nothing new with regard to Gonzalo’s renewal, at least in terms of Fiorentina,” Jose Iglesias reiterated to Fiorentinanews.

“Right now I’m listening to all the clubs that want him in their team from July 1, and already several clubs from different countries have called me for information.

“Fiorentina, by contrast, haven’t called me for the past two months. It’s amazing that they won’t offer Gonzalo the same salary he’s had for the last three years and that they’ll let him leave, they offered him 25 per cent less.

“It beggars belief that a prestigious club like Fiorentina could lose their captain, who has played more than 150 games in five years at an exceptional level, in this way. But that’s the reality.”