Monday March 20 2017
Nainggolan: ‘Disappointed by Belgium snub’

Roma midfielder Radja Nainggolan admits he was “disappointed” when Belgium left him out, but defends his smoking habit.

Roberto Martinez repeatedly left the Giallorossi man out of his squads, but has recalled him for the Greece and Russia matches.

It has been suggested that the 28-year-old’s smoking was one of the reasons, with the Spaniard banning it, but the player won’t be kicking the habit.

“I’m not ashamed because I smoke and I’ve never hidden this habit of mine,” Nainggolan told reporters outside the Belgium training camp.

“I know I should set a good example, I have kids… But I’m just a footballer, I do my job. Everyone knows that I smoke and I can’t hide it, but I’m not ashamed.

“I was disappointed not to be called-up after a good European Championships. I’m someone who bluntly says what he feels, so I never made a secret of my disappointment.

“The Coach must have had his reasons not to call me, but now I’m looking forward.”