The best way to deal with Italy’s painful failure to qualify for the World Cup is to concentrate on change for the future, writes Chloe Beresford.
Giampiero Ventura was out of his depth, but the last few World Cups show the Azzurri lack old-fashioned talent, writes Emmet Gates.
Italy are out of the World Cup for the first time in 60 years and Adam Digby lays the blame squarely at the feet of Coach Giampiero Ventura.
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Ciro Immobile is pivotal if Giampiero Ventura is to drag his faltering Italy side past Sweden in the World Cup playoffs, writes Jack Stevens.
A balanced 4-3-3 formation would be the right choice for Italy against Sweden, says Vilizar Yakimov, but Giampiero Ventura isn’t listening.
Andrea Pirlo stood out above all others because he never put himself above all others, argues Andrea Tallarita.
If there's one man who can guide Italy through the World Cup play-off, writes Emmet Gates, it's the goalkeeper who made his debut in one 20 years ago.