Coach Davide Nicola
In his playing days as a journeyman defender, Davide Nicola did not get much of a taste of Serie A but he hopes to do better now he has moved to the bench. This is his debut coaching season in the top flight and he looks likely to keep faith with the 3-5-2 formation - or a variation thereof - which got his team through the play-offs. GOALKEEPERS 37 Gabriele Aldegani 22 Luca Anania 1 Francesco Bardi 96 Matteo Cipriani DEFENDERS 17 Federico Ceccherini 85 Andrea Coda 5 Saulo Decarli 23 Ramos Borges Emerson 3 Giuseppe Gemiti 11 Alessandro Lambrughi 15 Ibrahima Mbaye 2 Cristiano Piccini 6 Riccardo Regno 77 Leandro Rinaudo 33 Nahuel Valentini MIDFIELDERS 16 Daniele Bartolini 7 Luca Belingheri 24 Marco Benassi 27 Marco Biagianti 19 Ruben Alejandro Montero Botta 41 Alfred Joseph Duncan 19 Leandro Greco 10 Andrea Luci 14 Jonny Ferney Mena Mosquera 28 Pasquale Schiattarella FORWARDS 32 Tommaso Biasci 29 Miguel Hernandez Borja 20 Innocent Emeghara 9 Sergio Betanin Paulinho 26 Luca Siligardi