Founded in 1900 by Ignazio Majo Pagano based off of an initiative of the Whitaker family and other Englishmen living in Sicily, Palermo has one of the oldest histories in Italy. The club enjoyed much success in regional leagues before making it to Serie A in 1932. A long history of yo-yoing between divisions transpired up until present day.

In fact, it had been 31 years since Palermo’s distinctive pink and black shirts adorned Italian football’s main stage before 2004 and they made an emphatic entrance upon their return. President Maurizio Zamparini, already a familiar figure from his time at Venezia, pumped millions into a side that frequently found its way amongst the top clubs in Italy in a near decade-long run back in Serie A.

A somewhat shocking relegation in 2012-13 saw Palermo drop back to Serie B and the risk of wandering the lower divisions once more was real. Yet, the club dominated their sole season in Italy’s Second Division and won promotion to A at first chance. Now, Palermo hope to further establish themselves as a Serie A outfit.

The Sicilians are a passionate people and the colours of pink and black are no better testament to the sweet and bitter results the club has experienced throughout its history. The supporters are amongst the best in Italy and have provided some incredible scenes, such as their initial promotion in 2003 to the 40,000 strong who showed up in Rome for the Coppa Italia Final against Inter.