Wednesday November 10 2010
Rossi: 'Referee favoured Milan'

Palermo boss Delio Rossi blasted the referee for his supposed pro-Milan bias. “Look back on the game and you'll see all the decisions go one way.”

Even Massimiliano Allegri admitted his men had been fortunate with the officials in their 3-1 win at San Siro.

“I am happy with the performance, but I know full well in three days everyone will have forgotten about that and only remember the final score,” sniped Rossi.

“It's difficult to explain how we lost 3-1, especially as in the same match I saw a shocking difference in the way incidents were judged.

“Just look back on the game and you'll see all the decisions go one way. Massimo Ambrosini's penalty should've been halted in the build-up anyway for a handling offence, so what are we talking about?

“We are anything but a defensive team, yet we never receive penalties. Does that not seem strange to you? It seems evident to me that something is wrong.”

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