Wednesday April 5 2017
Ceferin: ‘Super League will never happen’

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin warns “we will never give in to blackmail” over a European Super League.

The continent’s elite teams have often mooted the idea of a breakaway competition to replace the Champions League, with Juventus, Milan and Inter likely participants.

This has been seen as one of the reasons for the new Champions League format, which will see the top four European Leagues have four sides in the Group Stage automatically.

However, that hasn’t altogether removed the threat of a Super League, and UEFA’s President came out fighting in Helsinki today.

“Quite simply, money does not rule and the football pyramid must be and will be respected,” Ceferin warned.

“To some leagues, I will say: we will never give in to the blackmail of those who think they can manipulate small leagues.

“Why be afraid of dialogue? Why be afraid of telling them face to face how we could shape the future together, hand in hand, in the best interests of football?

“And why be afraid to tell them openly what we will never accept?

“Let us have the courage of our convictions, our values and our passions. Football is beautiful. Let us dare to protect it together. Let us dare to fight for what we believe to be just.”

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