Friday April 21 2017
Florenzi ‘missed Roma more’

Alessandro Florenzi claims “I’ve missed Roma more than they’ve missed me” and believes Francesco Totti will “decide his own destiny”.

Speaking to Rete Sport on Friday, Florenzi expressed his determination to bounce back from a second ACL rupture in succession and confessed Totti retiring “would be pretty ugly”.

“I think I’m at a big team where there are so many champions,” remarked the right-back.

“I’ve missed Roma more than they’ve missed me. I’ve missed a bit of everything and we hope to re-embrace each other soon. I really want to get back onto the pitch.

“I’ve missed the warmth of the fans during warm-ups, I’ve missed being with my teammates, who are my point of reference.

“The group have done so much for me, it’s the group that saves your life.

“It's sport that can save your life. On the pitch, you forget who you are and where you come from because sport has one language and that’s what keeps you going.

“Italy? I hope to make my contribution, like I’ve always done. We hope to present ourselves well against Spain and talk.

“Roma without Totti? It doesn’t exist because he it’s up to him to decide his own destiny. For him to retire would be pretty ugly.

“He’ll always be part of Roma, he’s in Roma’s history and he will be so forever.”