Friday April 28 2017
Moggi: Football is my drug

Luciano Moggi admits “football is my drug” after being unveiled as an unpaid advisor to Albanian club Partizani Tirana.

Moggi remains excluded from any connection with football in Italy, but Juventus’ former general manager has turfed up in Albania, whose national team are coached by fellow Italian Gianni De Biasi.

“My role? I’ll give a hand to the President regarding players, he’ll ask me for an opinion and I’ll give him one: that’s all,” he said at his presentation, reports Corriere della Sera.

“Among other things, it’s something that I’ve been doing for a few months now. I’ve been in Tirana for some time.

“Will I be paid? We’ll see, I don’t know if my friend [chairman] Gazment [Demi] will recognise something like this in the name of our friendship, but only [will I accept payment] if things go well and my advice is useful to him.

“I have no particular constraints, I haven’t signed anything specific: it’s just friendship.

“Football is my drug, I like to stay up-to-date and be informed, as everyone knows.”

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