Wednesday May 10 2017
Sabatini: 'I accepted with great enthusiasm'

Walter Sabatini reveals he accepted Suning's offer 'with great enthusiasm' and 'wants to improve the situation at  both Inter and Jiangsu'.

The 62-year-old was unveiled at a Press conference in China this morning.

"I accepted the invitation of Suning with great enthusiasm. The most important thing will be to improve the situation at both Jiangsu and Inter," the former Roma sporting director told reporters. "What excites me is to make my contribution in this country to improve together.

"I hope that the Chinese boys can become high-level players. I am sure that with everyone's help, we can do very important things. I'll have to learn a lot in the Chinese market in terms of transfers, I'll have to be very careful. I will listen a lot.

"There are different dynamics, but I'm a man who learns quickly because I listen to a lot of people around me. This is the second time I have come to China. I'm trying to understand all the dynamics of this world.

"My idea is that Chinese players have values, but they can grow even more. I also want to understand what players and foreign coaches who have arrived in this league have successfully delivered. while the Chinese may not have realised what their worth and their own level is.

"Jiangsu? We are surprised at the current position and the points won so far, the value of the squad is not shown in the rankings.Sometimes the team have dominated the game but scored less points than they could have.

"During the games I got to see I noticed this: they did well in terms of percentages, but without continuity over the 90 minutes. With the help of the Coach will be able to improve the situation, I have never seen him lose a game where they have suffered throughout, so they should be confident.

"Probably I will not always be present, especially here in China, so I will be covered by other people.

"I do not want to be made a distinction between Jiangsu and Inter. Suning’s problems must be the same, you have to be one big team."

Photo credit: Suning Twitter