Monday May 29 2017
Spalletti: ‘I’ll speak tomorrow’

Roma Coach Luciano Spalletti confirms a Press conference tomorrow where “I will say very important things”.

The Tuscan is out of contract at the end of June, and it’s expected he’ll leave the Giallorossi to take over at Inter.

Following a meeting with the club today, it has now been announced that there will be a Press conference tomorrow, where it’s expected the tactician will confirm his departure.

“I came back because Roma were going through a bad time,” Spalletti pointed out in an interview with Sportitalia.

“We didn’t win, but anyone who thinks this second place is a defeat has to know that we worked for so many years to reach yesterday’s ‘defeat’.

“The Press conference? I’ll say important things, first of all that Roma are in the Champions League.

“Eusebio Di Francesco? That [question] is a bit of a trap if you ask me… I’ll speak tomorrow in the Press conference.”

Spalletti was also asked about Francesc

Totti, who played his final match for the Giallorossi yesterday and with whom the Coach had a sometimes frosty relationship.

“Look, this is the kid there,” Spalletti said as he was shown images of Totti.

“When the ball goes to him, the others are so used to it… he sees where he’s not looking and he puts the ball there.

“He’s systematic, he always chooses the best option among three or four different ones.

“Yesterday? It was beautiful, and we ran the risk of not doing it. How could it have been so beautiful if the result had been different? It would have been a big mourning.

“I felt the feeling yesterday at the stadium, I remembered what I’d done for a year and a half… we saw at the stadium yesterday.

“I’m the Coach though, and I have to make my choices. I chose some words to fire the team up.

“We worked on the general topic of Totti. Yesterday I bought 40 tickets for fans of other teams, since Totti wasn’t going to play anymore and they wanted to see him.

“I always remember when I was at Zenit [St Petersburg], I met some kids and they looked at me and said ‘Spalletti-Totti-Roma’, recognising I’d been linked with Totti.

“What will he do now? He must be made vice-President. I don’t want to talk for the directors or [President Jim] Pallotta, I’m giving my thoughts.

“I’ve talked to him, and he’d appreciate that. A proper job, which is right for his history, his value and the symbol that Roma still need.

“Regrets? I imagine what it’d have been like if we won the Scudetto. Just look at Francesco’s party yesterday…”