Tuesday May 30 2017
Spalletti thanks Roma staff

Luciano Spalletti thanks the staff behind the scenes at Roma, and admits “I’m sorry to leave”.

It was officially confirmed this morning that the Coach will not renew his contract with the Giallorossi, and it’s expected he’ll take over the vacancy at Inter ahead of next season.

“Thank you to Monchi for those beautiful words,” Spalletti began his Press conference by saying.

“Having got to know him and worked with him, given his personal qualities it will be a regret that I’ll no longer be working with him.

“There’s a need here for points of reference, strong people, a strong professionalism in their attitude to work.

“Monchi has those characteristics and I’m convinced he’ll be able to put all of them at the disposal of Roma, where I haven’t succeeded.

“If he can bring everyone together it will be very strong Roma. Thank you, direttore.

“I’ve made two notes, and it’s better if I go in order. Firstly I have to thank those who I was close to.

“The first thought goes to those behind the scenes, to those who gave me an important hand, those who are first into work and prepare two or three things for us to make our work easier.

“I’m talking about the unseen team, they have huge importance because without their contribution it would be difficult for me, somewhat disorderly.

“I’m talking about the kids in the kitchen, the cleaning ladies, those people who travel unnoticed down the Trigoria corridors.

“Then I have to thank the players, the club, my staff and all the staff who are here. All of them are great professionals, and I thank them now that I’m leaving a very strong Roma.

“I don’t have to make assessments, that’s up to you.

“You have to evaluate if we won, if we lost, if we got the correct result, if we could have done more. I don’t want to get into it.

“I just want to say that I worked deeply and seriously, trying to do my best for the good of Roma. It’s clear that I have my way, and that I believe in it, so I tried to put that into practice.

“Through various steps we’ve come to this point.

“Everyone in their head can judge the results as they want, I’m clear that I’ve had a lot of joy and a lot of suffering with the things which happened during the season.

“The best thing has been the serious attitude of the group, how we set up to do our daily work. That’s the passport to a good season, the ticket to going head-to-head with any opponent.

“If you don’t work properly then getting a good result on Sunday is impossible. The work of the lads made the difference to the results, as well as incidents.

“I was never completely detached from Roma, even when I was in Russia I always looked out for their results and their performances.

“I think that we worked in right manner, properly, seriously, and then there were some crucial steps, crucial results and crucial moments; but the most important thing is that in my opinion we’re leaving a strong Roma.

“It’s a Roma which, as a team, has different individual qualities but which has behaved almost entirely collectively.

“I still think they could be better as a collective, as is everyone’s objective. I probably didn’t succeed in that regard, because in my opinion we didn’t have everyone on the same side.

“This team has important potential, as is that of the club and the movement, the tide which surrounds us.

“Starting from Sunday’s game, it seemed like a party and a farewell. There was a goodbye to football from a great football phenomenon in [Francesco] Totti.

“But in that he was reborn, he’s like a beautiful woman who has something in her womb which can come out and bring the total support in one direction, enveloping all this potential and that Roma has.

“This is a very strong and beautiful environment and I’m sorry to leave it.”