Thursday June 1 2017
Raiola: ‘Donnarumma future not certain’

Mino Raiola reveals “11 top clubs” are interested in Gianluigi Donnarumma, but he could still renew with Milan.

The 18-year-old is out of contract at the end of next season, and so far he has yet to agree a new contract with the Rossoneri.

“Gigio is the Maradona of goalkeepers,” Raiola, Donnarumma’s agent, told Corriere dello Sport.

“He can only grow and he has to be left alone to grow in peace. He’s not a slave, nor a robot.

“There are 11 top clubs which are interested in him.

“The concept is clear. When there’s a question to be resolved, in the Netherlands we say: ‘we’re talking about the elephant in the room’. Let’s talk about it.

“I’ve never said to [Marco] Fassone and [Massimiliano] Mirabelli: ‘he’ll sign now’ or ‘he won’t sign at all’.

“I understand the stress and the expectations of the fans, Gigio is already a symbol for the club and for the new owners it would be ideal to seal a renewal today. Yesterday, in fact.

“But Fassone and Mirabelli only took office just over a month ago. Leave us to work in peace.

“I assume all the responsibility for the definitive choice we’ll make.

“If you ask me: ‘is there a chance Donnarumma will sign with Milan again?’ then the answer is yes.

“If you ask me: ‘is there a chance Donnarumma will leave Milan?’ the answer is yes.”

Raiola was also asked about Diavolo Coach Vincenzo Montella.

“I don’t have his phone number. I’m not a Coach and he’s not an agent. He can give advice to Gianluigi, but I’d prefer him to give advice about how not to concede goals. I’ll handle the rest.

“And don’t forget that it was me who took Gigio to Milan, by rejecting Inter.

“I’m not a taxi driver for the players I represent, because they’re my players and first and foremost they’re friends and they have to be happy thanks to my work.

“In this specific case we’re talking about an 18-year-old lad, a phenomenon who is already being called to make a fundamental decision in his life.

“It’s a decision which will be weighed-up and, certainly, won’t depend only on wages.

“People say: ‘Donnarumma should be grateful to Milan’. It’s true, but Milan should also be grateful to Donnarumma. And to [Sinisa] Mihajlovic.

“He was the first to launch him, he gave Diego Lopez many opportunities to defend the number one shirt.

“But at 16 Gigio was already so good that his teammates were elbowing him in training.

“Then, when Sinisa told me: ‘Mino, on Sunday I’m playing the kid’, I replied ‘you’ll be fine’.”