Sunday June 4 2017
Juventus stampede was 'prank'

There are two young lads under investigation for sparking the stampede in the Juventus fanzone, as they reportedly pretended to be suicide bombers as a ‘prank.’

A loud noise in the crowd of 20,000 in Piazza San Carlo just after Real Madrid’s third goal in the Champions League Final suddenly created panic.

So soon after the suicide bombing in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert, people assumed the worst and rushed towards the exits, which by all accounts were blocked off by metal gates.

There were 1,527 people who required treatment for injuries, most of them due to lacerations as they fell on to broken glass or were crushed by the wave of bodies.

Video footage of the incident has now been analysed and police identified two young lads, one in particular who seems to have created the chaos.

He was seen standing in the middle of the square with arms raised out by his side, wearing only a backpack and trousers.

It’s reported he was shouting something to make people think he was a suicide bomber and the crowd visibly ran in all directions, leaving him alone in the square.

His friends then tried to drag him away, perhaps realising the situation was rapidly getting out of hand.

According to reports in the Italian media this evening, the pair were interrogated and confessed it was just ‘a prank’ gone horribly wrong.

Of those injured, three are in critical condition, including a seven-year-old child called Kelvin who was revived at the scene.

He arrived in hospital in cardiac arrest and is currently in an induced coma for head and chest injuries.