Saturday June 10 2017
Serie A will start with VAR

Serie A will begin using VAR technology in every game from the start of the 2017-18 season, abolishing goal-line referees.

“We asked for a little understanding from the clubs, as we introduce this new system into all the stadiums,” said FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio.

“We’re going to need a separate room for the Video Assistant Referees and at least eight television cameras following the action. The Lega Serie A will cover the costs, in the region of €2m.

“Crotone will therefore play their first two games at home, allowing Cagliari to play theirs away so that they’ve got time to finish the stadium.

“FIFA have not given full authorisation yet, but all the signals are clear and say we’ll begin at the start of the season.”

VAR has been experimented extensively in international friendlies and some tournaments, including the Under-20 World Cup and Club World Cup.

With the introduction of VAR, the additional assistant referees behind the goal-line will no longer be necessary.

Serie A already brought in goal-line technology as standard in the 2016-17 campaign.