Thursday June 15 2017
Juventus fan dies after stampede

Tragic news, as a 38-year-old woman injured in the Turin Juventus Champions League Final fanzone stampede has died.

Erika Pioletti from Domodossola was one of those critically hurt when the crowd panicked at a firework going off, fearing a suicide attack.

There was a crush to run out of Piazza San Carlo in Turin with 1,527 people injured during the Champions League Final on June 3.

Today there were reports that Pioletti was braindead after her condition took a turn for the worse and this evening the hospital announced that she didn’t make it.

She was the most serious injury along with a seven-year-old boy called Kelvin, who reached the hospital in cardiac arrest.

Kelvin was released from hospital this week after recovering from head and chest injuries.

“Juventus Football Club would like to express its sincere condolences for the death of Erika,” read a statement.

“The events that took place in Turin and the city’s victims of the tragedy on 3 June remain in the hearts and minds of all involved with the club.”