Saturday June 17 2017
Lucarelli hails Parma 'miracle'

Alessandro Lucarelli followed Parma into Serie D after their bankruptcy, so today’s promotion to Serie B “repaid us for so many painful moments.”

The Ducali went bankrupt in 2015 and had to begin again from the lowest level of professional football in Italy, but achieved back-to-back promotions and will be in Serie B next season.

“I promised myself that whatever result we got today, I would not let myself get caught up in the emotion of the moment,” said the captain in a Press conference after their 2-0 Lega Pro Play-Off Final win against Alessandria.

“Considering how I feel right now, I could play for another five years, so I’m going to wait a few days before deciding what I do next season.

“I went down into Serie D, making the decision with my heart and not my head, because I knew this was the right city to make this choice in. It would be wonderful to continue this journey that saw us within two years get Parma at least close to where we belong.

“I am back in Serie B, that tournament we would’ve been in two years ago had they not humiliated and ravaged us. I can only say that if we’d remained in Lega Pro, I would’ve retired. Now with Serie B, it is tempting…

“People called us failures, flops, people without guts, but instead we proved on the pitch that they were wrong. We reacted and grabbed this promotion with tooth and nail. This repaid us for so many painful moments.

“We got the easiest games on paper wrong because we didn’t have the right attitude for Lega Pro. D’Aversa convinced us to change and be more suited to Lega Pro football. Subconsciously, we thought that we were stronger and that alone would be enough, but it wasn’t.

“More than believe in this comeback, I hoped for it. I had a mission, to bring Parma back into Serie B for the people. Two years ago it was just me talking on behalf of Parma in front of the bankruptcy tribunal, now I am here and it’s a miracle.

“This is the wonderful thing that pushes me forward. It’s not over yet. I am proud of all my teammates.”