Monday June 19 2017
Moratti: Suning will make statement

Former Inter owner Massimo Moratti believes Suning Group will make a statement signing like that of Ronaldo “sooner or later”.

This week marks 20 years since Moratti broke the world transfer record to sign Ronaldo from Barcelona, and he is backing Suning to show they mean business with another eye-catching purchase.

“Do I expect Suning to go for someone like Ronaldo? Sooner or later, maybe,” he told Mi-Tomorrow.

“When a great champion arrives, they give enthusiasm, but now [the club] need to find players that feel a sense of professional belonging, a duty to give their best to the team.

“Moreover, it’s not easy to find players at Ronaldo’s level.

“Suning has remarkable economic potential. but they need more experience. Last season went so badly for it to be of any help.

“Spalletti’s appointment? The players must also display a character that they haven’t yet, otherwise [Inter] need new reference points that inspire the others.

“Another Moratti at the helm? There are no plans, but it’s something we fall into, for weakness or passion.

“My children have the freedom to do so, but the costs and commitment involved make it a proper profession, so much so that I wouldn’t wish it on them.”