Monday June 26 2017
‘Italy-Germany an orchestrated farce’

The Slovakian Prime Minister has called for a UEFA investigation into Italy’s 1-0 win against Germany, branding the game “an orchestrated farce”.

The result ensured Italy and Germany both qualified for the European Under-21 Championship semi-finals, at the expense of Slovakia, who consequently ranked second among the teams that finished second in their respective groups.

“I trust UEFA is investigating what happened and that it creates rules for the next tournament which favours sporting performance over any unfair agreements,” Robert Fico is quoted as saying by Corriere dello Sport, in a letter to UEFA.

“The match was severely tarnished by the little dignity shown by Germany and Italy in their fight for a place in the semi-finals.

“It was an orchestrated farce by the players of both national teams.”

Slovakia U21 boss Pavel Hapal previously described the match as “extremely disappointing, a disgrace and not ‘fair play’.”