Monday July 10 2017
Jiangsu opponents in match-fixing storm

Inter’s sister club, Jiangsu Suning, have yet to comment on match-fixing allegations levelled against their opponents on Saturday.

Fabio Capello’s winless start as Jiangsu boss was extended to four games at the weekend as the Chinese club drew 2-2 with Shanghai Shenhua.

However, the result came amidst speculation that Shenhua had deliberately thrown the game, leaving Jiangsu’s involvement in question.

“There is a lot before and after the game about Shenhua and the opponent fixing the result,” Shenhua said in a statement, reports BBC Sport.

“Was this the performance of a team and coach told to lose the game?

“Recently a few people with ulterior motives fabricated a lot of rumours without basis in fact. They hoped to bring chaos to football and Shenhua.

“We solemnly tell Shenhua fans, please fully trust our management, coaching staff and all the players.

“We have set up a special team of lawyers, using a variety of legal means, to investigate the people involved in these rumours.”

Reflecting on the draw, Capello noted via the broadcaster: “It should have been a game that we won and the result is a real pity.”

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