Sunday July 16 2017
ADL: 'Napoli want the Scudetto'

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis won’t deny Scudetto ambitions and revealed Maurizio Sarri “feels more confident in himself and the team.”

The patron was mobbed by fans after last night’s 7-0 friendly victory over Trento.

“There is so much enthusiasm because the team plays very well and added new figures like the little Frenchman Adam Ounas, who was practically biting the goal he was so eager,” De Laurentiis told Radio Kiss Kiss.

“In my view he has settled in very quickly and I am happy that Sarri immediately started using him.

“Sarri seems relaxed, a whole other man compared to last year, as he feels confident in himself and the team. He’s not worried, in fact if the other teams in Serie A reinforce, it’s a pleasing development.

“In my view, we should cut Serie A down to 16 teams and maybe just one relegation, that way Serie B and Lega Pro become more competitive too.

“People always told me not to say the word ‘Scudetto’ because it was bad luck, but it’s normal that we compete to win. That has been my approach in every area of life, even in school when I got my grades.

“Meritocracy is a wonderful thing. If we want to slump down to let mediocrity reign, then let us just say we are all the same and nobody gets a medal, but it won’t be very interesting.

“I’ve always wanted to make Napoli like a family and I am close to achieving that. Football is fundamental for us Neapolitans and – I am talking to the genuine Neapolitans, not the ones who support Juventus – we always want more.

“Naples has to be a protagonist in Italy and the world.”