Monday July 17 2017
Thohir to leave Inter

Erick Thohir confirms he will step down from his role as Inter President but praises Suning Group for “tripling the club’s budget”.

Thohir’s position had been marginalised following Suning’s purchase of Inter last summer, but the businessman admits he no longer has time for Inter, given is currently helping Indonesia stage the 2018 Asian Games.

“The Asian Games have forced me out of all my other roles,” he told Tempo.

“I used to go to Milan every month, but the last time I was there was in April, so I asked to leave.

“I needed a [business] partner, and Inter have many followers in China.

“When Suning’s offer came up, I thought it was right in terms of finance, but it wasn’t only that. They’ve tripled the club’s budget.

“Football consists of ups and down, but managing a club like Inter is sustainable because they have so many fans.

“I’m sad about how last season went, but that’s football.

“[Suning] ask me for my opinions on players, but I don’t have time to talk to the Coaches like I did before.”