Tuesday July 18 2017
Cassano: ‘I’m not retiring’

Antonio Cassano called a Press conference to announce his retirement - then decided he’d keep playing for Verona.

It was reported this morning that the striker was homesick, and had decided to call time on his playing career just eight days after signing for the Butei.

A Press conference was scheduled for 16.00 Italian time, but when FantAntonio turned up he declared he had changed his mind.

“I wanted to communicate to you my non-choice,” Cassano began by saying.

“It was a tough time this morning, I was tired and I had a meeting with the director [Filippo Fusco, also present at the conference] and said I wanted to take a break.

“My choice is to keep playing, I had a moment of weakness. I often think with my gut, this time I decided with my head, thanks to my wife, the director and [Coach Fabio] Pecchia.

“I want to win this bet, this morning my gut was wrong as it has been at other times. I want to continue this challenge, and I’m sure I’ll win.

“I want to say thank you the President [Maurizio Setti], the director and Fabio who has helped me since yesterday and has tried to bring my family here.

“The decision I made with my gut was a crazy thing, I want to have a great season with this team.

“The fans? I wasn’t going to leave for another team, I apologise if they felt betrayed. They’re the 13th man on the pitch, not the 12th.

“I spent a year-and-a-half at home, and readjusting to a pre-season training camp without my family made me want to go back to them.

“The management performed a miracle by bringing my family to the ritiro, I want to get back on the pitch.

“My wife was excited, they can’t wait to see me play. We’re all excited, this is a beautiful thing which will give me even more strength.

“I was wrong and now I’m back on my path. It’s hard for me to say sorry, but this week 4000-5000 people came to see me and I apologise. I want to have a super season.

“I can still give a lot, I’m here to play and I have a lot of motivation. All I can say is don’t get angry, because after two or three games I’ll make you forget about everything.”