Saturday July 22 2017
Sacchi: ‘Bernardeschi isn’t Del Piero’

Arrigo Sacchi says Juventus target Federico Bernardeschi has “enormous potential” but “he’s not Baggio and he’s not Del Piero”.

The Fiorentina forward is expected to sign for the Bianconeri next week, with a medical reportedly scheduled for Monday.

The Turin giants will pay €40m to secure the Italian international, and Sacchi was asked what they’ll be getting for their money.

“He has enormous potential, both technically and athletically,” the former Milan Coach explained to Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He’s quick and resistant. I remember one time, with the national team, they were playing on a muddy pitch but until the end of the game he had a crazy progression - he always had energy.

“He has a great left foot, which can invent and sweep the ball, preferably cutting in from the right.

“He doesn’t use his right much and he needs to improve in that, if you only have one foot you risk being predictable and the opposition can shut you down more easily.

“I’d say he dribbles well, he takes on a defender and goes past them with agility and imagination. He also has a good shot on him, he sees the goal, takes aim and the result is always dangerous.

“A great player? Calm down, calm down. I’m describing a lad with notable talents, but one who has to mature and be helped.

“For example, he has to learn how to get into the rhythm of the game with consistency. To be great, you need to have an understanding with your team.

“Cristiano Ronaldo touches the ball once and it’s a goal, do you know why that is? He knows the manoeuvres that go with it, he moves in function with his teammates and gets to the conclusion.

“Bernardeschi needs to do better in that regard, less individual technique and more collective technique.”

It has been suggested that Bernardeschi could take the legendary number 10 shirt, worn by players like Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero.

“He’s still a lad, they need to help him and have patience with him. The important thing is not to play the game of comparisons.

“Bernardeschi is not Del Piero and he’s not Roberto Baggio. They were more at the centre of things, while Bernardeschi moves on the wing.

“Now it’s up to him to repay the faith that a club like Juve have shown in him.

“There’s only one way to do that: make himself available to the Coach and his teammates, sacrifice for them. He’ll find the difference is the culture of perfection.

“Could his arrival change the balance of the League? Let’s not exaggerate. We’re talking about a good player who is in a phase of growth.

“He’s not yet someone who we can say will change a squad. He’s defined as a big investment for the future.

“It all depends on his rapport with his new environment and his new team.”