Sunday August 6 2017
Mirabelli: 'Bonucci wasn't planned'

Milan director Massimiliano Mirabelli described how the Leonardo Bonucci transfer came about. “It wasn’t planned. His agent kept making jokes…”

The move from Juventus to San Siro was a huge surprise and developed very quickly for €42m.

“Bonucci’s transfer wasn’t planned, but it was an opportunity we had to grab as it went past,” the director of sport told Rai Sport.

“I was talking to (agent Alessandro) Lucci about other players and he kept making jokes about Bonucci. Over the first few days, I didn’t even tell (CEO Marco) Fassone.

“Then I saw the lad really did want to come to Milan and we worked out the negotiations very quickly.”

Milan spent over €210m this summer on 10 new players, but they are still waiting for a centre-forward.

“Lucas Biglia is the player we were missing in midfield and can bring charisma. We know that we still have to do something in attack. We’ve taken some time to pause and reflect. There will be a decision after August 15.”

Could a former Rossoneri player return, for example Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?

“We’ll look at what is out there and you never know in life,” replied Mirabelli.

“A few old faces may well return, but I do not intend to allude to Ibrahimovic. We’re keeping our feet on the ground and evauating the situation.”

Mirabelli was famously accused of ‘mobbing tactics’ in the Gianluigi Donnarumma saga by agent Mino Raiola, but they eventually worked out a new contract.

“We did clash with Raiola. He is one of the most powerful figures. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll sit down again for something else. It’s tough sitting down at a table with Raiola, but he too knows it’s tough dealing with us.”