Wednesday August 16 2017
Jorginho: 'I felt confident'

Jorginho reveals Dries Mertens left him the penalty as Napoli beat Nice 2-0 in the Champions League play-off. “I felt confident.”

Mertens had already scored at the Stadio San Paolo this evening when Mertens was tripped for a spot-kick.

“I was in good shape, I felt confident, Dries left me the ball, I did what I had to do and it went well,” Jorginho told Mediaset Premium.

“We both had the option to take the penalty. We walked up there, looked at each other and just agreed that I should go ahead.

“This is a very good result, but we should’ve scored another goal and deserved to win 3-0, which would’ve been a different situation.

“Now we have to focus on the next game, the Serie A opener with Verona. It was a positive night, but we could’ve done something more.”

Jorginho was asked how he could convince Italy Coach Giampiero Ventura to call him up for international duty.

“I do my talking on the pitch, that is my job and that is all I must do.”