Thursday August 17 2017
Allegri questions Juve disappointment

Max Allegri is “bitter to see this disappointment” from Juventus fans over their Champions League Final defeat. “We start the season on level terms.”

The Bianconeri had their traditional game between the senior squad and Primavera youth team at Villa Perosa today, but it ended goalless after just 51 minutes when fans staged a pitch invasion.

Today FIFA released their shortlist for the FIFA Coach of the Year award and Allegri was on it.

“Being considered one of the best Coaches by FIFA is pleasing, but I owe it to the club and the lads who won on the pitch,” Allegri told JTV.

“What’s in the past is done now, we have to begin a difficult season after six years of Scudetti. The bar has been raised, we need calm and balance in a long campaign, starting on the right foot.

“Winning is always extraordinary, Juventus have won a great deal in their history, but it’s always difficult. Nobody can take that run away from us, but on Saturday we all start the Serie A season on level terms. Our opponents have strengthened.”

The Bianconeri did not start on the right foot, because they lost the Italian Super Cup 3-2 against Lazio on Sunday.

“During a match there can be mistakes, but what Juve will never lose because it’s in their DNA is humility, sacrifice and sweat. There must be no arrogance. Excessive confidence is a danger, but from Saturday we need to make up for the Supercoppa defeat.”

Allegri tried to shake off the pain from the Champions League Final defeat to Real Madrid in Cardiff.

“Continuing to talk about it is a mistake. Juventus played two Finals in three years, losing to Barcelona and Real Madrid. It’s different to the Champions League from 30 years ago and incomparable, the tournament has completely changed.

“We have to cancel out Cardiff, as we only lost because Real Madrid were stronger and proved that in recent years. To beat the best, you need something extraordinary and it frankly I am bitter to see this disappointment from Juve fans.

“It also angers me, because it needs to be cancelled out. There is another season to begin and we must try to have a great Champions League campaign via a great Serie A term.”