Monday August 21 2017
Marotta: Football like show business

Juventus’ Beppe Marotta believes football “is increasingly becoming a form of show business” as “the romance has been buried”.

Reflecting on the evolution of football throughout his 40 years in the game, Marotta admitted the days of one-club men were long gone, while the passion was at risk of “diminishing”.

“In 40 years, I’ve gone through all the transformations in this industry, from sponsorship to TV adventures, from the invasion of finance to this new era,” he told Il Sole 24.

“[An era] where player transfers have definitely buried the romance, the ‘bandieri’ that once embodied the spirit of a team and gave them an identity are no longer there and never will be again.

“Totti and Buffon will be remembered as the last examples of classic football. Will these transformations diminish the fans’ passion? Top-level football is increasingly becoming a form of entertainment.

“The best players will become more and more like the stars of show business and will have temporary jobs, like actors, almost without contractual constraints.

“We may not want it, but the world economy is pushing us in that direction.”