Wednesday August 23 2017
‘Inter at fault for Mor collapse’

Emre Mor’s agent claims Inter were to blame for the attacker’s proposed transfer from Borussia Dortmund falling through.

It had been reported that Inter pulled the plug on Mor due to his representatives demanding too much in the way of commission, but Bariz Soofidazeh insists the Nerazzurri constantly moved the goalposts during talks and made “absurd demands”.

“We had an agreement with Inter, but then they decided to change the contents of his contract, moving from net figures to gross ones,” he told FussballTransfers.

“They wanted to include an €80m clause and made absurd demands. The deal has always based on these sudden changes.

“Their Chinese owners always proposed to renegotiate when an agreement couldn’t be reached, but the deal has collapsed because of them.

“At the moment, the only way he can be seen in Nerazzurro relies solely on the possible sale of Perisic. Emre always and only wanted [Inter] Milan.”